ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems


The aim of a quality management system has always been to achieve customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in company performance.

ISO 9001 certification is the worldwide standard reference for quality certification for all organisations, large or small, in all production sectors.

A Quality Management System, properly designed according to the ISO 9001 standard, provides specific guidance on how a company should operate in order to offer a quality service or product.

ISO 9001 certification helps to:

– achieving continuous improvement by improving operations and reducing costs;

– participate in tenders;

– meet customer expectations;

– build a sustainable business;

– demonstrate a strong corporate structure. 


Who is subject to obtaining ISO 9001?

– Tax Recorders Verifiers;

– Companies carrying out activities as third party responsible for thermal installations.

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The advantages of certified companies

50% Sconto


Sconto del 50% su polizze fidejussorie



Miglioramento dell’immagine aziendale



Partecipazione a Gare d’appalto e bandi pubblici



Aumento delle prestazioni aziendali e dei ricavi