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Certification Body

Audit Service & Certification is the only Certification Body recognized by IAS in Europe which offers certification and training service in compliance with the international ISO standards.

Our commitment is to promote the organisational consciousness and the capacity for self-improvement among our clients, to enhance the ability to meet the growing demand of the market and to confidently create synergies between the companies and the final customers

Our approach is in compliance with the ISO 17021 standard and our auditors operate conforming to the ISO 19011 standard.

What is a Certification Body?

A Certification Body is an organization responsible to certify the compliance of products and services with the international ISO standards requirements through the auditing and certification service.

Being certified to ISO standards demonstrates the value of a company’s products and services.

What is our policy?

We are aware that our activity has a social and economic impact.

Indeed, we assess the compliance of products, services and company’s management systems with the compulsory or voluntary standards through the audit and certification process.

The certification is an essential element to build customer trust.

We want a equitable, ethical and sustainable future. We believe that people, ideas and commitment create the future and that is the reason why we support and trust the objectives of the companies by offering the highest level of professionalism at the service of every project.

Audit Service & Certification has adopted the following policy objectives:

  • To certify management systems with competence, impartiality and indipendence
  • To perform the certification process in compliance with the current regulations and the accreditation body’s requirements
  • To pursue the customer satisfaction and to safeguard the confidentiality of data and informations
  • To provide customers with the best possible reliability and expertise with the aim to keep on improving the company’s internal processes
  • To encourage the spread of the company’s services to the international market

Read the Declaration of Impartiality to learn more about our policy.

How to obtain ISO certification?

The certification path consists of 4 stages:

Certification Request

All the economic aspects and the auditors’ activities related to the certification process may be agreed at this stage. The finalization of a contract concludes this part. Indeed the process for certification depends on the contract stipulated between the company and the accreditation body. Generally, it is valid for three years.

Preliminary Audit preliminare (optional and possibly requested by the customer)

It is an initial assessment of the current company’s management system. The preliminary audit is not involved in the normal process for certification and any possible improvement thus is intended to be nothing but a suggestion and it is not included in the official audit report.

Certification Audit – Stage 1

The audit is held in the company office. In this stage, the auditor gathers all the informations and evaluates the documents referring to the management system that must be certified. The auditor analyses the compulsory and voluntary standards. This is a preparatory step for the second stage of the Certification Audit.

Certification Audit – Stage 2

In this stage, the auditor will ascertain that the company complies with the management system. At the end of this process, the auditor will submit the ISO issue request to the accreditation body, if a significant nonconformity does not occur.

What is the role of the auditor for a certification body?

The audits are conducted by auditors with significant auditing expertise. The auditing stands for a checking process for the company and represents the possibility to interact with high-level professionals as well who offers their expertise and qualified advice about management system.

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