What is Covid-Free certification?

Audit Service & Certification has developed a certification scheme in response to the SARS Covid-19 pandemic, as a means to implement procedures for the prevention of infection in the workplace.

This certification has been drafted for specific sectors, for instance cleaning services, industrial laundries, healthcare professionals.

In practice, the covid-free certification is applicable to all the organizations willing to prove to be covid-free, regardless their field of activity or size.

What is the purpose of Covid-Free certification?

The covid-free certification scheme aims to support the companies to implement and integrate the guidelines defined by DPCM and other regulations into the company’s organizational procedures, in order to contain and prevent the spread of the virus.

The company will be able to ensure to customers, supplier and stakeholders that the organisation has implemented all the necessary tools and technical and organisational measures to prevent the transmission of the infection while operating.


Is Covid-Free certification mandatory?

The covid-free certification is voluntary for the companies.

What are the benefits of Covid-Free certification?

The covid-free certification is the evidence that proves the company has implemented all the statutory safety measure in order to minimize the risk of SARS Covid-19 infection.

Namely, the company processes have been analyzed, reconfigured and improved for the purpose of reduce the risk of transmission, the personnel has received a special training for the use of personal safety protection devices and the products are in compliance with the current regulations.


How to obtain the Covid-Free certification?

The certification scheme is built upon the following main features:

  • Covid-19 context and risk analysis;
  • Choice of a professional profile with a role of responsibility (Covid System Officer)
  • Evidence of adequate expertise (in particular, of the awareness of the national and local technical measures);
  • Eligibility of equipment, maintenance and sanitization;
  • Ability to efficiently provide service by the implementation of the procedure to prevent the risk of Covid-19 infection;
  • Product and material eligibility;
  • Internal Audit capability, examination, etc.

The process will last one day.

Once passed the validation check, the organization will obtain the “Covid-Free” Certification, which proves the company’s ability to contain the risk of Covid-19 infection during its activity.

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