What is ISO 22483 standard?

ISO 22483 Certification addresses tourism and related services regardless of grade or category. The standard establishes quality requirements and provides recommendations for hotels, hostels, resorts. The service requirements of accommodation facilities are organised according to: personnel requirements, service requirements, event organisation, entertainment, security, maintenance, cleanliness, supply management, customer satisfaction and feedback.

What is the purpose of ISO 22483 standard?

The ISO 22483 standard recognises the centrality of tourist accommodation in determining travel choices and how they should be configured to respond to the growing demands of the tourism industry. The aim of the standard is therefore to guide players in the sector towards growth and development and to promote a commitment to quality experiences.

Why obtain ISO 22483 certification?

Through alignment to the standards referred to by the norm, it will be possible to pursue the following objectives:


  • Equipping a system that meets the quality requirements;
  • Guarantee of quality, safety and image strengthening;
  • Proof of commitment to the public;
  • Improvement of organisational organisational efficiency.

    How to get ISO 22483 certification?

    The certification path consists of 4 stages

    Certification Request

    All the economic aspects and the auditors’ activities related to the certification process may be agreed at this stage. The finalization of a contract concludes this part. Indeed the process for certification depends on the contract stipulated between the company and the certification body.
    Generally, it is valid for three years.

    Preliminary Audit (optional and possibly requested by the customer)

    It is an initial assessment of the current company’s management system.
    The preliminary audit is not involved in the normal process for certification and any possible improvement thus is intended to be nothing but a suggestion and it is not included in the official audit report.

    Certification Audit – Stage 1

    The audit is held in the company office. In this stage, the auditor gathers all the informations and evaluates the documents referring to the management system that must be certified. The auditor analyses the compulsory and voluntary standards. This is a preparatory step for the second stage of the Certification Audit.

    Certification Audit – Stage 2

    In this stage, the auditor will ascertain that the company complies with the management system. At the end of this process, the auditor will submit the ISO issue request to the certification body, if a significant nonconformity does not occur.

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