AS&C, during this difficult time for the entire world, has developed a certification scheme aimed at guaranteeing customers that companies respect the highest prevention measures.

This certification is dedicated to cleaning companies, industrial laundries, operators in the health sector and all those companies that want to demonstrate that they are Covid-Free.

The standard is based on the following key points:

– Context and COVID risk analysis

– Identification of the Responsible Figure (Covid System Manager)

– Demonstration of adequate competences (with particular reference to the knowledge of technical measures undertaken)

– Suitability of equipment and ability to maintain and sanitise it

– Ability to deliver the service effectively by implementing appropriate procedures to eliminate Covid risk

– Suitability of products and materials

– Presence of internal self-control capabilities (internal audits, reviews, etc.)


The audit takes one day. Once the company has passed the audit, it will be awarded “Covid-FREE” Certification to demonstrate that it is able to control Covid risk in its specific activity.

For example, a company providing cleaning services will demonstrate that its facility is free from COVID risk.